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“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that every has.” – Margaret Mead

Early childhood education (ECD) parenting support group training

Caregivers of children aged 0-6 years are provided with training on the importance of: Early childhood development, stimulating the child; child nutrition and health; maternal health; role of play in development. They are trained through Parenting support groups and those who are not able to send children to early childhood centers form Playgroups for the benefit of their children.


Child development is a foundation for community development and economic development, as capable children become the foundation of a prosperous and sustainable society.

Education support to ovc

Hope is currently assisting OVC from three primary schools in Mufakose, with direct education support, that is paying school fees and supplying uniforms.

OVC identified through Kids clubs as well as the BEAM list supported with:
  • School fees
  • School uniforms
  • Mentoring in Kids Clubs

Women economic empowerment

HOPE works with caregivers of OVC in the family centered approach by training them in entrepreneurial skills, supporting with start-up capital as well as linking them with service providers in business management

Caregivers from the Education support as well as the ECD parenting groups have been involved in women economic empowerment activities where they have been involved in:

  • Skills training
  • Business linkages
  • Access to microfinance

Kidz clubs

Kidz Clubs (KC) are safe after-school/Saturday morning programs where OVC can interact and get numeracy, literacy and life skills support. Volunteers receive lesson plans beforehand.

Kidz clubs facilitators are volunteers from the community and Harare International Church of Christ who get trained in working with OVC and they identify the beneficiaries from within the community.

The cubs meet once a week on Saturdays for up to two hours during the school term.

Children are involved in sports, games, arts and edutainment.


SHIELD – (Supporting Households Living in Distress) is an ‘adopt a family’ program. Sponsors are able to meet and support vulnerable households (VHH) caring for Orphans & Vulnerable Children (OVC) with basic care and household support. The goal is to assist households with physical, emotional and economic support.

Families are identified through the Kids Clubs, referrals from the Social Services office, District Aida action committee, and the Child Protection committee:

  • Basic household supplies and food
  • Education support where needed
  • Skills development support
  • Counseling (where needed)

Special events

HOPE holds and facilitates several events during the course of the year with the goal of improving services and the well-being of OVC and their households as well as raise awareness on social, health, environment and legal issues relating to children and women especially.

These include

Special days in the calendar like the:

  • Day of the African child
  • World Aids Day
  • Mothers’ Day
  • International women day
  • Christmas parties
  • 16 Days of activism against gender based violence.